Caitian Bapai BA-30# Epoxy Base Oil is a solvent-based epoxy resin lacquer, osmotic base oil.

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Product description


Caitian Bapai BA-30# Epoxy Base Oil is a solvent-based epoxy resin lacquer, osmotic base oil.


It has good penetration and sealing properties for porous substrates such as concrete and terrazzo, which strengthens the strength of the substrate and provides excellent adhesion.


It can be used as a general base oil for Caitian Bapai Epoxy series paint on concrete, terrazzo or other base.

Physical parameter

Construction instructions

Mixing: Pour the components A and B into the mixing tank in proportion and stir evenly.

Construction method: spraying, brushing or roller coating construction.

Reference dosage: about 0.15kg/m2.

Tool cleaning: Caitian eight brand epoxy thinner.

Construction conditions: It is recommended to use this product above 10 °C. In order to avoid condensation of water vapor, the construction base surface is required to be dry and clean, the moisture content of the base surface is less than 4%, and the relative humidity of the air is less than 85%. Good ventilation should be maintained during construction and drying in confined spaces.

First paint: BA-30# epoxy base oil is applied directly to the treated substrate.

Add paint: Caitian eight brand all kinds of medium or top coat.


1. The environment is required to be clean during construction, and the air is dry and dust-free;

2. During the construction and curing, when the relative humidity of the air is greater than 80%, the surface of the paint film will have back adhesion and loss of light; if the strength of the paint film is no problem, it will not affect the quality of the floor;

3. The circulation of air will affect the drying time;

4. The base oil should be uniformly coated on the base surface. The condition of the base will change the amount of coating, drying time and recoating interval.

Storage: sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated place, protected from moisture, sun, and frost.

Warranty period: 12 months.



Use this product with care. Swallowing is harmful or fatal. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Skin, eyes should not touch this product. Always take precautions, fire and explosion protection. Residues should be disposed of in accordance with the safety regulations of the relevant national or local government.

Important statement

Caitian Company guarantees the quality of its products. The advice and information provided here is from our independent laboratory and is accurate under controlled conditions, but since we are unable to perform direct and continuous control during the use of the product, whether or not it is provided Recommendations, recommendations, programs and materials, Caitian does not assume any direct or indirect liability arising from the use of the product.

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