Integrated service provider

Caitian can provide you with a full range of services

Color Card

Caitian can provide you with color card selection service for easy reference color

  • 漆膜标准色卡 (1)
  • 漆膜标准色卡 (2)
  • 漆膜标准色卡 (3)
  • 漆膜标准色卡 (1)
  • Professional construction team

    1. The construction personnel have many years of rich experience in dealing with various engineering methods and on-the-spot technical resilience of different bases.

    2. Each project is equipped with a project manager, construction team leader and technical engineer to implement special management of the project to ensure that the responsible person at the construction site tracks and coordinates various matters.

  • Service support

    1. Zero risk commitment: quality problems occur in the materials, our company provides return, exchange, and bear the transportation costs;

    2. Warranty service: Lifelong after-sales service, the free warranty period of the epoxy floor project reported by Caitian is one year. During the warranty period, Caitian is responsible for free maintenance (except for human factors damage). If quality problems occur during the warranty period, timely Analyze and negotiate the problem within 24 hours to go to the site for repair, no charge during the warranty period, only the material cost fee is charged outside the warranty period.

  • Construction management

    1. Caitian has special construction equipment for processing different base surfaces, such as: sand blasting machine, milling machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, leveling machine, vacuum cleaner, etc.

    2. In strict accordance with the relevant contract terms, the construction schedule will be carried out. If special circumstances are found, it will report to Party A in time and propose solutions.

    3. Strictly implement the “Quality Control Standard for Floor C Coating Construction” during construction,

  • National service network

    Establish a nationwide service network to provide 24/7 service, respond to customer complaints within 2 hours and respond within 12 hours

  • 专业施工团队
  • 施工管理
  • 售后服务保障
  • 全国服务网点