− Prospects for cooperation −

  • Wide range of market needs, and scope of application
  • Wide range of market needs, and scope of application

    Floor paint began in Germany in 1934, but in the early 1990s, with the rapid development of China's economy, the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical, decorative, electronics and other industries has greatly increased the market demand for floor paints. China has gradually become the world's consumer base for floor coatings. At present, floor paint is widely used in various industries and has become one of the fastest growing industries.

    Whether it is ground wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, anti-static, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-slip, or plant, warehouse, workshop with high load-bearing requirements, or hospitals, laboratories, and floors with special requirements for antibacterial and dust suppression. The paint can be applied. The floor paint can be designed for different places and can design the ground effect to meet the needs of different users. This indicates that the development of the floor paint industry will have a very broad market prospect. Along with the deepening of China's modernization process and the upgrading of consumption, the demand for floor covering materials is increasing, and floor paints will be more widely used.

− Strength testimony −

Caitian cooperates with major real estate developers, Jingji Real Estate, China Overseas Real Estate, Midea Real Estate, Galaxy Real Estate

  • Strength testimony
  • cplogo1cplogo2cplogo3cplogo4
  • 40000m2 production base
    40000m2 production base
  • safety production license
    safety production license
  • Multiple national product patents
    Multiple national product patents
  • Building decoration,  engineering contracting, secondary
    Building decoration
    engineering contracting, secondary
  • Building waterproof and anti-corrosion insulation  project contracting two
    Building waterproof and
    anti-corrosion insulation project contracting two
  • Building coating grade A qualification
    Building coating grade A qualification

− Way of cooperation −

  • Join agent

    With the continuous growth of Caitian's chemical business, in order to better regulate the market, it is planned to seek long-term partners in provincial cities (including provincial capitals) and prefecture-level cities across the country.

  • Platform cooperation

    No funds? No materials? No construction team? Not qualified? These all-pass is not a problem. As long as you have information and channels, you can cooperate with the CaiTian platform, diversify the cooperation mode, share resources with you, and achieve win-win cooperation.

  • Laborer's materials

    Caitian has a professional flooring engineering company, more than ten years of experience in the construction of flooring projects, and there are many construction teams throughout the country to serve you.

  • OEM production

    Caitian Chemical has many years of experience in OEM production of coatings enterprises. It has a production base of 40,000 square meters in Daya Bay, Huizhou, production workshops, raw material storage workshops, finished product storage workshops, laboratories, model rooms, etc. The supporting facilities are complete; another Hunan production base is under construction. It is expected to be put into production in 2021.

  • Cooperative support

    Cooperative support

    1. Complete range of materials, in line with national policies;

    2. All kinds of qualification certificates are complete, and there is no worry about bidding;

    3. Enjoy the material price advantage;

    4. Enjoy regional distribution price protection mechanism;

    5. Sharing platform resources and mutual cooperation;

    6. Headquarters full-course guidance and assistance: project survey, drawing design, construction plan, assistance negotiation, sample proofing, construction guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc.

    7. Provide financial support and project resource information support;

    8. Annual sales of more than 5 million can participate in equity allocation.

    9. Provide legal counsel to your company for free, so that all your business contracts are safe and secure.

  • Cooperation requirements

    Cooperation requirements

    1. Work experience in flooring related industries;

    2. There are related resources in the flooring industry;

    3. Have a fixed office or business premises;

    4. Have certain economic strength;

    5. Accept engineering subcontracting or labor subcontracting;

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