Caitian Chemical's "Environmental Caitian Dream, Building an Eco-City" theme new product launch conference was a complete success!

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From April 18th to 19th, 2017, Caitian Chemical held a new product launch conference on the theme of “Environmental Choi Dream, Building an Eco-City” at Shenzhen Bao’an Yujing International Hotel. The conference invited the provincial floor association, paint society, Caitian branch and distributors, floor builders, Mingyuan cloud procurement, many partners, Guangdong TV station, etc. Many guests and customers attended the conference.

General Manager of Caitian Chemical Co., Ltd.

Speech by Mr. Wu Licai, President of Guangdong Flooring Association

Speech by Mr. Lu Biao, Secretary General of the Society of Coatings

A hard work, a harvest, 2016 is a year of Caitian's performance. In the past year, the company has made a powerful exploration in the establishment of the brand, the adjustment of the new organizational structure system, the establishment of various rules and regulations, the creation of the talent team, and the formation of the corporate culture system, and has achieved remarkable results. Achievements, such as the national high-tech enterprise certification, the Ministry of Housing and Construction awarded the second-class qualification for building decoration and decoration engineering, the second-class qualification for waterproof and anti-corrosion insulation engineering, three national invention patents and more than ten national applications. New patents. Formed a new image of Caitian that is displayed in front of everyone.

Conference site

On April 18th, the Shenzhen New Product Launch Conference, Caitian Chemical mainly shared the following topics:

1 Application lecture of waterborne epoxy floor coating 2 Application lecture of waterborne epoxy strong mortar 3 Application lecture of liquid PVC floor coating 4 "Sponge City" construction system related technology lecture 5 Please color pavement technology Lecture 6 Parking System System Design Effect Application Seminar

The release of new products has caused praise and questioning from many guests and customers on the spot. Waterborne epoxy floor paints are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, odorless, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-yellowing, and high in hardness. They have been recognized by the market. User praise. Caitian Bapai Waterborne Epoxy Floor Paint solves the problem of poor adhesion of traditional water-based paints, uneven gloss, low strength and resistance to dirt. The water-based mortar of the old ground repair series is a subversive tradition and has solved The problem of sanding, powdering and potholes on the ground, and the case case of the partner, the functionality and practicality of the ground have been greatly praised by users.

On-site customer communication

New product launch site

Another new sponge city construction (permeable floor technology) system is in line with the national deployment of the promotion of sponge city construction products. Leaders talk about sponge cities: to solve the problem of urban water shortage, we must adapt to nature. Give priority to more natural power drainage, and build a “sponge city” that naturally accumulates, naturally penetrates, and naturally purifies. Many cities have proposed eco-city slogans, but the idea is that big trees enter the city, open mountains and land, artificial landscapes, fill the lake and reclamation, etc. This is not to build an ecological civilization, and to destroy the natural ecology. The launch of Caitian's innovative eco-permeable floor will once again enhance Caitian's product competitiveness and brand awareness.

Permeable floor test

After attending the new product launch conference, I learned the theoretical knowledge, but the actual operation can't fall. On April 19th, many customers came to Caitian Chemical Industry Huizhou production base - Daya Bay Petrochemical District Caitian Chemical Industry Park, visited the production workshops, laboratories, finished goods warehouses and raw material warehouses of Caitian Chemical, so that everyone can understand Caitian more and Caitian is well-organized. The production process, strict quality control, deep and meticulous inspection, comparison and confirmation of each formula, in the process of excellence, technical maturity, stabilization, and Qualified quality products steadily to the market Let everyone feel the production of Caitian on the spot.

Subsequently, accompanied by the staff, the customer carried out the actual operation of the construction in the sample room, the material on-site mixing, roller coating construction, and more on-site ground effect data test: flexibility, wear resistance, pressure resistance, material contrast Pulling out the experiment, etc., using data to prove the quality of the Caitian floor paint, the site was well received by customers.

Field test floor data

Waterborne rigid mortar on-site proofing construction

After visiting the production workshop and the actual operation, everyone took a group photo together, and the new product launch conference of “Environmental Color Field Dream, Building an Ecological City” was successfully completed, and the customers were also fully loaded.

Visit factory customer photo

Through this new product launch conference, Caitian showed a lot of water-based environmentally friendly products in line with the national development direction. “Environmental Caitian Eight Brands, Leading the Future of Painting” is getting closer and closer to us. The direction is more important than the effort, the direction leads the road, the direction makes the future! Let us uphold the excellent cultural concept, the thought of benevolent gratitude, pay as much as anyone's efforts, use our wisdom and hands to create belongs to you and me, belong to Caitian And each of us has a bright future for mutual development and cooperation!

At the same time, congratulations to Caitian Chemical's 2017 new product launch conference was a complete success.