The main features of the epoxy floor industry in the Chinese market!

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Caitian Chemical introduced the relevant situation of the Chinese flooring market.

(1) Main features of the current land market in China

Because the floor products have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and no seams, solid texture, convenient maintenance, low maintenance costs, etc., epoxy flooring products are promoted late in northern China, but After being first introduced in the Beijing area in 1999, the northern region gradually accepted and recognized this new product. Today, experts use the words "big", "new", "hot" and "high" to summarize the characteristics of the floor market in northern China.

1. “Big” refers to the large capacity of the floor market.

When I started selling floor products in Beijing in 1999, it was not accepted by customers. The product sales were very difficult and the business volume was very small. However, after several years of unremitting efforts, the advantages of this product were gradually accepted and recognized by customers. Now Beijing Most of the workshops, workshops, warehouses, logistics centers, supermarkets, exhibition halls, garages, parking lots, etc. use floor products as the ground. The annual market in Beijing alone is more than 3 million square meters. In addition, Tianjin, Shenyang, Changchun and other northern cities also have a lot of usage. It can be foreseen that with the rapid development of the economy, the market scale of flooring products in the northern region will become larger and larger.

2. “New” refers to the renovation of floor products and crafts.

The floor products have been developed from the initial single wear-resistant floor to epoxy floor, PVC floor, cement self-leveling, art concrete floor, etc., and the epoxy floor has developed into epoxy color sand and epoxy self-leveling. , epoxy anti-corrosion, epoxy mortar floor, epoxy grindstone, etc., a wide variety, full range. Each product is divided into different types and self-contained, such as epoxy floor, including coating type, high-strength mortar type, self-leveling type, water-based environment-friendly type, color sand type, heavy type, static type, etc. A variety of new varieties, such as colored sand and epoxy quartz, are quickly accepted by the market.

3. “Hot” means that the competition in the flooring market has entered a fever.

Due to the relatively low technical content of flooring products, there are no special requirements in terms of capital and industry standards, so the threshold for entry is relatively low. In recent years, with the expansion of the floor market in the northern region, more and more enterprises have entered the industry, and the competition in the industry has become more and more fierce. Especially after some small enterprises have joined in order to get a share, they will resort to blindly killing prices and lead to products. Prices and industry profits have gradually declined. Taking cement-colored wear-resistant floors as an example, ordinary epoxy floors can only barely maintain costs.

4. “High” means that the customer's requirements for the product are continuously improved and the project output value is high.

From the functional point of view, the floor should not only play the role of the traditional meaning, that is, it carries the static load, withstands the friction loss, impact damage and the erosion of water, acid, alkali, salt, oil, cleaning agent, etc., and the customer also demands its appearance. The color is the same, so the floor also bears the role of beautifying the environment. A few customers even require the floor to have special functions such as explosion-proof, fireproof and anti-static. From the quality point of view, customer requirements are also getting higher and higher, and some customers require a clear agreement on the age of use. From the output value, with the customer's attention to the ground and the increase of the scale of the engineering construction, the output value of the single project of the floor project is also constantly improving. For example, the output value of an underground garage in some underground garages is 3 million yuan, a logistics warehouse. More than 2 million wear-resistant floor, many of the tobacco construction projects involved in the epoxy color sand, epoxy quartz floor bidding, the target of more than 10 million yuan.

In addition, from the perspective of the national floor market, the product quality gradually converges, the market maturity is better in the coastal areas than in the mainland, and the south is better than the north, especially the epoxy floor. Although the company with absolute monopoly has not yet formed, the industry leader is still a company with a foreign investment background.

The above "main features of the epoxy floor industry in the Chinese market" information information by Shenzhen Caitian Chemical

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