Why should the floor paint be divided into three layers: bottom, middle and surface?

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For those who have just been exposed to epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor paint is just a new type of floor paint, and it is believed that the paint is used in the same way as other paints. Yes. If you really think so, it is really a big mistake.

So, why is the Caitian Bapai floor paint subdivided into the top, middle and top coats, and what is their role?

Epoxy floor primer, good penetration of porous substrates such as concrete and terrazzo, supplement base strength, seal the gap of cement floor, can increase the adhesion between the ground and the intermediate coating.

The role of the epoxy floor coating is the most important, can enhance the hardness, thickness and impact resistance of the epoxy floor. It can also be equipped with quartz sand or quartz powder, which can be directly used as a pit to fill the base. The thickness of the ping is actually determined by the middle coating. For the sake of aesthetics, the top coating of the floor is usually made thinner and needs to be smooth and smooth. By increasing the thickness of the intermediate coating, the epoxy floor is pressure-resistant, wear-resistant and not easily damaged, and the pits existing on the ground surface can be filled to make the epoxy floor smooth.

Epoxy topcoat is directly in contact with the user, so it needs to withstand the walking gravity of people and the friction of other mechanical equipment, and it needs to block the intrusion of corrosive substances from the outside into the epoxy floor, which is seamless and dustproof. Easy to clean, acid and alkali resistant, mildewproof and other excellent properties. And the color can be adjusted by itself, beautiful and beautiful.

Epoxy floor is mainly suitable for: indoor parking lots, industrial plants, offices, warehouses, etc., which require pressure resistance, wear-resistant and clean, dust-proof areas.

Therefore, the bottom surface of the floor paint is inextricably linked and indispensable.