Why choose waterborne epoxy floor paint?

2019-06-08 10:30:00        0

Water-based floor paint is the trend of the times. The stricter the environmental protection is, the more expensive the solvent-based raw materials are, and the more old garages that need to be rebuilt. The environmentally friendly products bring the experience to the owners very poorly. The materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also can be constructed in a location that is relatively closed and used simultaneously with construction needs.

Product Name: Waterborne epoxy topcoat

Product model: BA-130W

Packing specification: Group A: 20kg/barrel Group B 5kg/barrel

Weight ratio: 4:1

Product function: Suitable for all kinds of workshops, warehouses, parking lots, ground floor without moisture barrier on the first floor, especially suitable for food factories, pharmaceutical factory workshops and warehouses, etc., paint film is non-toxic, food and medicine in the process of painting There is also no pollution.


1. With water as the dispersion medium, it is environmentally friendly and healthy, and can be constructed in a place where it is relatively closed and used at the same time as construction.

2, is a food-grade coating, only contains inorganic components such as silicon, oxygen, aluminum and does not contain heavy metals.

3. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, smokelessness and non-combustibility. It has a strong fire protection effect on buildings.

4. Low requirements for groundwater moisture content.

5, the surface tension is low, the surface dirt is easy to clean, one-way permeable to water vapor.

6, can form a surface hardness of 4H or more, has a strong scratch resistance.

7. The product can react with the base cement to form an overall floor system without blistering or delamination, which makes the floor system more durable.


Green, water-based paint, strong adhesion, uniform texture, good weather resistance, higher hardness, good stain resistance, one-way ventilation