Three-point paint seven points construction will earnestly win!

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Floor paint This new type of architectural paint is slowly known in the domestic market, but some people still have doubts. Floor paint is a kind of paint. Why can't you brush it yourself after purchasing it?

As the saying goes: "Three-point paint, seven-point construction" means: as a non-finished material, the paint must undergo a perfect construction process in order to exert its excellent performance; the entire floor coating is formulated, produced and Construction and other aspects of the process. Construction accounts for 70%, which is enough to show how important construction is for coatings.

Because the floor paint is different from the ordinary floor paint, ordinary floor paint is only used as a decorative to change the color and luminosity of the ground, but the floor paint can change the unevenness of the ground, dust and other defects, and it is a A coating with special properties can be used to select floor paint products according to different environmental characteristics.

Because the floor paint has different characteristics from the ordinary floor paint, it has a special construction process. It is not a random paint on the ground to highlight the effect. The floor paint construction is extremely harsh on the construction ground and environment. In order to meet the requirements of floor paint construction in many aspects, the best floor effect can be presented.

For example, when using the Caitian Bapai water-based epoxy strong mortar to repair the old ground and damage the ground, the first step is to grind the ground with a sander to remove impurities, dust and sand from the ground. Grind off the dust after grinding the ground with a lot of local height, and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

The second step is to clean the ground, wash the floor with water, wait until the ground is slightly dry, use ba-1000w waterborne epoxy resin according to the ratio, and use the wool without fluffing to press the horizontal and vertical directions. The treatment agent is evenly applied to the ground. Make sure to apply evenly without leaving gaps. After the treatment agent is applied, the water-based epoxy rigid mortar can be carried out after waiting for a certain period of time.

Is it easy to watch?

However, it contains two important elements: one is the water-based rigid mortar ba-1000w as the interface agent, the A and B groups are mixed in proportion (3:1), and after emulsification for 3 minutes, the total amount is 15% after mixing. Water (20% of component A). It must be fully emulsified. If it is not fully emulsified, the ground will be prone to shelling, bulging, falling off, and short service life.

The second is that when the interface agent is evenly coated on the ground, there is not much interfacial agent left in the hole. The excess material needs to be pulled out by the wool roller. Otherwise, the residue of the interface agent will not dry for a long time, resulting in the water not evaporating. Finally, the phenomenon of drumming on the ground.

Some workers did not pay attention to these during construction. This requires experience and professional knowledge as well as a responsible working attitude. According to our Caitian Nie, "there is a lack of craftsmanship in this era."

Therefore, everyone must strictly follow the construction requirements when applying the floor paint. Sometimes it is some small details that make the construction effect greatly reduced.

That's why everyone would say that floor paint is the reason for a three-point paint construction.